Foundation Stage

Learning in Foundation Stage at Leechpool

6 weeks in Feedback Autumn 2018 - What the families say.............

Lots of information for supporting children in the classroom. Very helpful.

A very informative session and nice to chat to some of the other parents. Pastries a nice touch- with friendly service.

An excellent chance to air our concerns about our child’s sounds. So reassuring from teachers and Speech Therapist that this has been recognised and such helpful tips on helping our child at home. Thank you.

Great session. Lovely to chat to all the staff.

Good to see what is happening and thank you for the support.

A useful time to talk to teachers and other staff members about what goes on.

Very helpful and will help a lot at home.

Really informative. Many helpful hints and tips. Thank you.

Great idea for new parents. Lovely thought to help settle in.

Great session and just as useful second time around. Nice to speak to the pupils and catch up with other parents. Very informative and friendly.

Lovely to see what they are doing and meet other parents, only have excellent things to say about Leechpool.

Good information on a range of issues. Nice to catch up on kids and parents thoughts and progress.

My son is better in all his thinking and talking to before. Big thanks to Leechpool.

Perhaps a more formal sit down for 5 minutes may have been helpful but nice to meet more parents and teachers and have an insight into learning methods.

Please leave it informal and useful. That is the key.

Great to see what my child is learning at school. He’s really happy since he started, even wants to come to school at the weekend.! Thank you.

Good to see the many different aspects of behaviour and learning etc.

Thank you for this morning. I always find these sessions helpful and informative.

More informal than I realised (not a bad thing!)

Good meeting, nice and informal. Great addition to parents evening.

A great chance to speak to all staff and see what the children are doing.

Very useful to talk to Speech/Language advisor. Other helpful information on reading/maths activities.

It was a nice talk. Good to find out and chat about things. I enjoyed it.

Very useful. Helps towards us helping at home. Good to get some helpful websites. Also nice to talk to other parents and get to know them.

The girls on the top table were amazing. Explained Dragon Points and Golden Traffic Lights perfectly! Teachers all helpful too. Cake was lovely.

Maybe a bit too informal. Would have been nice to know a bit more about what they’re doing.

Very informal and relaxed which is good, lots of information. Great to see so much going on at the school!