In this section, you will find our plans for the provision of remote education to ensure that the small number of children that need to be educated at home due to shielding or self-isolation, for example, are given the support they need to continue learning.


The current guidance states that you should self-isolate for 10 days if:

  • you have symptoms of coronavirus and you tested positive, had an unclear result or did not have a test
  • you tested positive but have not had symptoms


As such, our home learning offering provides 10 school days for each plan that is created per year group. This plan is for those children who are shielding or self-isolating; if your child is unwell for reasons unrelated to COVID19, they should be resting and not working to ensure a swift recovery.


We have used Oak National Academy for our current home learning provision as it offers a wealth of experienced teachers delivering presentations about subject matter that either directly relates to the curriculum we are teaching in school or is closely linked. This means that even though your child cannot be in school, they are still provided with quality lesson content and presentations.


For each day of the 10 days that your child may be at home, we provide three lessons:

  •          a maths lesson
  •          a literacy lesson
  •          a topic lesson that could encompass any other taught subject


You will find the home learning plans in your child's year group folders in this Home Learning Plan section.


Our Remote Learning Policy can be downloaded from the link below.