Past Events

Past Events - Updates

Fancy Dress Disco - Friday 18 October 2019.  This event raised £745.00.  It was a popular event and enjoyed by everyone.

Music Gala - Thursday 18 July 2019  5.30 p.m. - 7.30 p.m.  An amazing and really enjoyable event showing the many talents of the children.  The event raised £14030.06 for the music provision of the school.

Summers Discos - Friday 28 June 2019 - this event raised £600.00 towards maintaining the playground equipment in both KS1 and KS2 playgrounds.

May Fayre - Sunday 19th May 2019, 12-3 p.m.  despite the weather the school made the wonderful total of £3,500.  Thank you everyone for supporting the event.  The money raised from the event was used to provide the wooden pavilion in the infant playground adjacent to the school field.
Film Nights  December and April - Funds raised donated to the Coco Foundation and for the purchase of a well-being ceilings at the entrance of the library.
Christmas Fayre 30th November 2018
A big thank you to all the children and families who attend the Christmas Fayre.  It was wonderful to see both past and present families.
Infant and Junior Autumn Disco - Thursday 19 October 2018
 Thank you to everyone who supported the event the costumes for Fancy Dress were amazing.   The event raised £800.00.
LeechFest III July 2018  
 Fantastic evening enjoyed by everyone!!!!  A huge thank you to 5D and all the organisers it was a wonderful celebration of the many talents of the Leechpool Community. The event raised £5,000.  The school received numerous positive comments about the evening. Check out the photographs and comments on LeechFest Twitter.