School Aims and Aspirations

  • To provide an exciting, creative and supportive learning environment which energises each child to value themselves and maximise their potential.
  • To give our learners the highest standard of education through excellence and innovation in teaching linked with a relevant and engaging curriculum which recognises children’s needs and their learning styles. 
  • To equip each child with life skills so that they may become confident, responsible, caring citizens within our ever-changing, multi-cultural society.


As a learning community through the 6 R's, we will strive to:
  • Learn from one another, and with one another, to be the best we can be ...
  • Have high expectations of ourselves and  each other
  • Help each other to develop self-confidence and a happy positive self-image
  • Be constructive, critical and analytical thinkers
  • Continue to value and develop our ‘learning to learn’ culture in a safe place where we can make mistakes and try new ideas
  • Celebrate progress, effort and achievement
  • Help each other to develop lively, enquiring minds and encourage them to express themselves clearly in a variety of ways
  • Foster strong links with our parents and the wider community
  • Work hard to maintain the values of our school.
At Leechpool everyone follows the Golden Rules.