School Council Members 2019 -2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

 Welcome to Leechpool School Council page which tells you about us and the work we do.

 We help to improve our school by:

  • Deciding which charities we will support and raise money for.
  • Write our own School Evaluation Form and Development Plan.
  • Ensure that there is a strong pupil voice.

School Council members should be prepared to attend meetings, on Thursdays at 12.30 p.m. We listen to everyone’s ideas and we respect each other’s views.

As School Council one of our responsibilities is to plan different events.  During the year we have planned the following: -

  • Organised and collected food donations for the Horsham Food Bank as part of our Harvest celebrations.
  • Run stalls at the Christmas, May Fayre and Music Gala.
  • Sold poppies on behalf of the British Legion.

We hope that we can really make a difference by supporting the following charities this year.

  • British Legion
  • Action Medical Research for Children
  • World Wildlife Fund- WWF
  • Children in Need
  • Comic/Sports Relief
  • Horsham Food Bank
  • and our School – LEAF

 A good School Councillor should be……

  • committed
  • a good listener
  • prepared to attend meetings and support at school events
  • willing to share their good ideas
  • able to feedback to their class
  • helpful – striving to make our school to even better
  • responsible –  helping our school to be happy and safe
  • confident
  • organised –ready to plan events and fund raise

Our School Council is made up of 32 Councillors,  2 representatives per class and 4 per class in Year 6.



Vice Chair

Holly G



Eco Lead



Thank you for reading our School Council web page, for more up to date information, please check our E-schools page. You can also contact us via the discussion page here.