Sports News and Achievements

Summary of the 2018-2019 Sports Achievements

Here are some facts about the amount of sport we have carried out over the year.

  • We took part in 60 competitions throughout the year.
  • That is 60 competitions in 39 weeks which on average is 1.5 competitions a week. 
  • 20 of the competitions were new to us and we had not taken part in them in the past.
  • We qualified for County Finals for the first time ever in girls 5/6 football, 3/4 boys football and girls 5/6 cricket. 
  • Every sports club run at the school was oversubscribed.
  • We ran our first Leechpool Sports Awards Night.
Horsham Primary Schools Girl's Football League
Horsham Primary School Girl's Cup Semi-Finalist 2018
Horsham Primary School Football League 3rd place under 11's
Horsham Primary School Girl's Cup Finalist 2017
Horsham Primary Schools Football League 2018 -2019
3rd place Year 3-4
Horsham Primary Schools Football League 2017 -2018
3rd place Years 5-6
Horsham Primary Schools Football League 2016 -2017
Horsham 7-A-Side Football Years 3 and 4 League A 2nd Place 
Horsham 7-S-Side Football Years 5 and 6 League A 3rd Place
 Horsham Primary Schools Football League Winners 2016
Horsham Tag Rugby Semi-Finalists 2019
Horsham Tag Rugby Semi-Finalists 2017
Horsham Tag Rugby Winners 2015 and 2016
Horsham Tag Rugby Semi-Finalists 2017

West Sussex Tag Rugby County Finalists 2015 and 2016
Indoor Athletic Finalists Horsham District 2018
Indoor Athletic Winners Horsham District 2017
Horsham Ultimate Frisbee Runners- Up June 2019
Horsham Ultimate Frisbee Runners-Up June 2018
Horsham Ultimate Frisbee Champions June 2017
Horsham Tennis Years 3/4 Runners-up 2018
Horsham Tennis Years 3/4 Runners-Up 2017

Horsham Rounder's Tournament

July 2019, 2nd, 9th, 10th and 14th in Horsham Rounders Tournament.
May 2018, 3rd, 6th and 10th in Horsham Rounders Tournament.
May 2017, 4th and 11th in Horsham Rounders Tournament
May 2016, 5th in Horsham Rounders Tournament.
Netball League
League 2 Winners 2020
League 3 Winners 2019
League 3 Winners 2016
Hockey League
B League Winners 2019
Horsham District Sports A Squad Years 5-6
Horsham District Sports 6th place 2019
Horsham District Sports 3rd place 2018
Horsham District Sports 7th place 2017
Horsham District Sports 4th place 2016
Horsham District Sports Winners 2015

Gold Medal Winners Since 2015
Temperance Cornish - hurdles
Temperance Cornish - 400m
Temperance Cornish - 100m
Tom Lester - throwing
Lucas Medrow - 400m
Finn Suart Year 5 for the 400m
5 Gold Medals won by Sebastian Wallace Year 6 for throwing, long jump, 100 m sprint, 400 m and hurdles and overall individual winner

2 Gold Medals won by Millie McCann Year 6 for throwing and hurdles and 4th individual winner

1 Gold Medal won by Harley Webster Year 5 for the 100 m Sprint

1 Gold Medal won by Finn Suart Year 5 for the 400 m

12 Individual Finalists - Well Done Team - you are all STARS

Summary of PE and Sporting Achievements 2019-2020
The PE and Sporting events of 2019-2020 were severely disrupted due to the bad weather of Autumn and Spring Terms.   The outbreak of COVID 19 also stopped many planned events.
Miss Simpson and Mr Barden have produced a round-up of the year below.  During the year the school was awarded the Platinum Plus Award for Key Stage 1 PE and Sport for the second year running.  We are very proud of this achievement.